About us

QOBS Qatar Online Business Solution is an essential name in strengthening your brand image. We magnify the online image, presence and existence of any company under our label.

With special consideration to your line of business, we can deliver to you the right online solution and make you a better and more qualified option for your prospective clients who visit your modern, informative, yet stylishly designed website

Company profile / About us

Located in the heart of Doha, we are an experienced and well established online business solutions company that aims to provide small, large and medium sized companies with a wide range of website designs and ecommerce solutions whereby equipping businesses all over the Gulf region with the marketing tools to maximize their online exposure and revenues.

Promoting businesses in Qatar is also synonymous to promoting the country’s image, both locally and internationally. Although Qatar is one of the smaller Gulf States in terms of population and geographical area, it is however the third largest natural gas reserves in the world.

This greatness of wealth in natural resources together with the recent lawful liberalization, economic diversity and a fast developing economy provides fertile grounds for multiple opportunities and business investments.

This also means that business deals in Qatar can flourish with just an “idea” and a walk towards the right direction. We at “QOBS” are here to help promote your business by taking it to another level especially in the online community every step you take with us counts